Greater Flexibility with Digital
Menu Boards

BFIT Digital Signage allows you to engage with your customers. Whether you are in quick service, hospitality, retail or any other industry (hospitals, venues etc), our solution will work for you. Implementation is quick and easy, and management is even easier.

Managing menu board content, scheduling your playlist and deploying has never been easier. Our intuitive design makes it easier to sign up and set your business with digital signage solution across your business. Whether you are a single site operator or a multisite operator, you can manage your screens and content from a single point.

Manage Content

Upload your own content (or let us design the content for you) into the library. We have flexible folder structure for you to manage your content.

Add your Venue

Simply create your venue. The only important thing here to manage is
your time zone so the scheduling works the way you want it to work.

Add your devices

Whether you want to display vertically or horizontally, BFIT DS gives
you the flexibility to set up the screen the way you want it.

Group your devices

If you are a multi site operator, you can group your devices that play
similar content across different locations, making the management of playlists easier for you.

Create playlists

Create a playlist by adding images from your library. You can specify individual play time for each image in a playlist. Assign the playlist to a device group.

Schedule your playlist

You can schedule your playlist and decide the time of the day you want to play them and on which devices or groups.

Live monitoring

We also give you the ability to monitor live, so you can view the contents and see what is currently being played at each device in a store.

Where We Can Use Digital Signage?

Where can you use Digital Signage

Digital signage can be used in any industry verticals where you want to display content digitally on a screen.


In a corporate setting, digital signage is used to display internal communications like events, corporate ads, newsletters etc, and for visitors.

Educational Institutions

Schools, Colleges, Universities can use digital signage to display information about events, courses, wayfinding etc to name a few.


Showing informative content to healthcare facility visitors, advertising.


The retail industry has adopted digital signage early on, as they have seen the benefits in engaging their customers with digital signage. They use the platform to engage, inform and inspire their customers. It is proven that digital signage can enhance brand awareness.

Restaurants & QSRs

Mainly used to engage customers with enticing images of food using digital menu boards. Visualising the food increases the appetite of your customers.

How It Works

1. Sign up

2. Set up your company settings

  • Set your stores
  • Set your devices
  • Group your devices
  • Create your folder structure
  • Upload your content
  • Create your playlist
  • Set your schedule

3. Deploy to your screens

Hardware Agnostic

Our solution is hardware agnostic. Currently you can deploy using our windows application or any browser.

Android OS

Coming Soon

Chrome OS

Coming Soon


Coming Soon

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of screen should I use?

Our application will work on any smart TV that has a browser. Other versions will be released soon.

How do I remotely manage the content?

Our admin panel lets you manage the content, playlists, schedules in one place. You can monitor the live content display as well.

What is included in the 30-day trial?

All functions are available for you to test during your trial period.

Can I control it using my phone?

Yes you can manage most of the function using a smart phone. You simply need to open up your admin URL on your phone’s browser, sign in and manage.

Manage your Signage from one place